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The Rolling stones tribute band, the rolling Clones have been entertaining crowds across the world for more than twenty years, distilling the show down to a pure hit of Rock ‘n’ Roll, with a chaser of sequinned Glam.


With a setlist that covers the early days of the Rhythm and Blues, through to the excesses of the 70s, The Rolling Clones’ Rock ‘n’ Roll show is a meticulously researched, truly faithful interpretation of the Stones’ live show, with a brass section and wailing siren of a female vocalist, if your budget suits!


Each performance is delivered with a smirk and a wink, recalling the mischief making of Jagger & Richards, keeping us true to the spirit of the originals. Now matter how big or small your event is we guarantee you a fantastic night of entertainment.


ther rolling clones are, without question, THE Rolling Stones tribute band.




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